Blu-ray to get capacity bump

Sony and Panasonic are calling for the capacity of Blu-ray discs to be increased, as the industry paves the way for 3D movies.

Blu-ray to get capacity bump

According to TechOn, The two companies are looking to increase Blu-ray capacity from 25GB a layer to 33.4GB, allowing dual-layer discs to hold 66.8GB of information, which should hopefully be enough to squeeze in James Cameron’s latest crowd pleaser.

Sony and Panasonic are a banking on a technology called i-MLSE (Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation), which will allow current generation Blu-ray players to read discs with a simple firmware update.

However, given the complexity of the i-MLSE calculations, older Blu-ray players and drives may not have the hardware to keep up, rendering them incompatible with the new discs.

The companies are currently wrangling with the The Blu-ray Disc Association, responsible for setting standards for the medium. There’s no word on when we can expect the higher capacity discs to find their way into our drives.

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