Microsoft hops games from PCs to smartphones

Gamers will soon be able to put down a game on their PC and pick up where they left off on their smartphone, according to Microsoft.

As part of a demonstration at TechEd Middle East, Microsoft demonstrated games that are transferable between PCs, Xbox consoles and Windows Phone 7 Series smartphones.

The system maintains the gaming session from device to device, allowing gamers to finish off a game they started on their PC using their smartphone on the way to work, for instance.

As you might expect, the demonstration game was hardly Modern Warfare 2. Instead, Microsoft showed off a basic Indiana Jones-style platform game, of the ilk commonly found on mid-90s consoles. Nevertheless, it raises the possibility that games served via Microsoft’s Xbox Live service will be playable across multiple devices.

Windows Phone 7 Series is due to be released at the end of this year.

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