iPad Wi-Fi problems? “Move closer to the router”

Apple has admitted to Wi-Fi connectivity problems on the iPad. Its solution? “Move closer to the router”.

iPad Wi-Fi problems?

The company’s support forums have been flooded with users complaining of patchy Wi-Fi performance from their iPad. “Wi-Fi signal is weak, while MacBook Pro and PC notebook are getting strong signal,” noted one poster identified as Bozel.

The sentiment was echoed by prb44t: “I’m having the same issues. Weak signal on the iPad, same spot iPhone works great. Very frustrating.”

Speculation was rife among iPad owners that the problem was related to the position of the Wi-Fi antenna in the device, while others suggested it was a software bug that would be addressed in an update.

On its support page, Apple acknowledged that some users may have problems accessing Wi-Fi networks or maintaining a strong signal, and blamed the problems on dual-band routers.

The company suggested users created a separate network name for each band, and ensure both networks use the same security type – whether that’s WEP, WPA, or WPA2. As for problems with signal strength, it simply suggested users “move closer to the Wi-Fi router”.

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