Chrome gains in browser wars

Google’s Chrome browser has continued to gain market share, topping the 7% mark globally.

The latest statistics from Net Applications show Chrome picking up more of the pie over rivals Internet Explorer and Firefox, which slid slightly to 59.69% and 24.35% respectively in May.

While Google was the winner in the global market, Microsoft managed to reverse a downward trend in the US, posting an overall gain of 0.76% to 63.27% in May. Meanwhile Google’s Chrome slipped by 0.45% while Firefox slid 0.24%.

“Internet Explorer 8 grew at a higher rate than any of its competitors with 1.34% increase in share for the month in the United States,” Net Applications said in its report. “IE’s share gain came at the expense of Chrome and Firefox.”

Globally, Microsoft’s latest version IE8 now holds a 25.15% share. Microsoft has been trying to kill off nine-year-old IE6, which still holds 17.13%.

Speaking last week, the head of the Internet Explorer business group, Ryan Gavin, claimed IE8 was the “world’s fastest growing browser”.

“Most people are surprised to hear that – it’s the fastest growing browser in history,” he said. “It is the world number one browser, across the world and particularly here in Europe.”

Microsoft is currently working on IE9, but it hasn’t yet announced a release date.

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