Blog site closure highlights risks of third-party hosts

Legal experts have highlighted the dangers of hosting on third-party sites after some 73,000 blogs were shut down by anti-terror authorities.

Blog site closure highlights risks of third-party hosts was closed down this week by host company BurstNet following a request by the US Justice Department, which found terrorist material in posts.

“If you have a blog hosted at a free blogging platform, it’s time to take note,” said Darrin Mish on the blog.

“When you use their platforms, like,,,, you are really there at the pleasure of the host. You don’t own the content, they do and if you do something they don’t like, they turn you off,” he claimed, advising users to host their blogs on their own sites.

According to BurstNet, the material found by the security authorities on violated its terms and conditions, so the host elected to immediately disable the system.

“It was revealed that a link to terrorist material, including bomb-making instructions and an al-Qaeda ‘hit list’, had been posted to the site,” the company said.

The serious nature of the accusation will come as little consolation to the bloggers without terrorist links who have lost all records of their blogs.

“Sadly, I’m sure that most of Blogetery’s users had nothing to do with the terrorist-related acts,” said Allison Boyer of Blogworld.

“It seems that Blogetery itself was in the dark that anything illegal was going on and it looks unlikely that anyone will receive access to their blogs’ databases.”

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