Linux developers told to stop “dumping” code

The latest version of the Linux kernel has arrived, and with it comes a telling off from Linus Torvalds.

Linux developers told to stop

Following the arrival of version 2.6.35, Torvalds warned developers to stop submitting unstable code into the development version of the kernel.

“Please don’t treat linux-next as a dumping ground,” said Torvalds. “Things that go in there should be more or less ready for merging (with an emphasis on ‘more’), and we need to keep that tree in working order.”

“If you’re nervous about the stability of your work, you should just admit that it’s not ready to be merged, shouldn’t go in the next release cycle, and shouldn’t be in linux-next yet and make life harder for people.”

Linux 2.6.35 fixes a few bugs and optimises for multicore machine, including a pair of speedy new techniques from Google – Receive Packet Steering and Receive Flow Steering – that distribute loads and decide which CPU should handle them.

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