Google promises faster browsing with Chrome 6 release

Google has updated its browser to Chrome 6, touting improvements in performance, enhancements to security and a stripped-down user interface.

Google promises faster browsing with Chrome 6 release

According to Google, the Chrome update makes the browser faster in JavaScript performance, with the company claiming that Chrome is now three times faster than when the browser launched two years ago.

Other changes are more cosmetic, concentrating on the look and feel of the browser. Google said the more streamlined approach should make browsing easier.

“We took the already minimalist user interface and stripped it down a bit more to make it easier to use,” said Chrome product manager Brian Rakowski, in a blog post. “We combined Chrome’s two menus into one, revisited the location of the buttons, cleaned up the treatment of the URL, and adjusted the colour scheme of the browser to be easier on the eyes.”

The address bar, for example, no longer shows the http prefix for web addresses, but the prefix re-appears if the URL is cut and pasted into another application.

Meanwhile, both editing tools and browser settings are handled in one drop down menu at the top right of the screen.

The update also includes, finally, a form autofill feature, enabling users to manage details through the Options tab to save time filling in repetitive information on multiple websites.

While Chrome is just two years old, it’s already hit version six because Google adds a full number for most updates, a process set to speed up as developers aim to release a new version every six weeks.

Download the latest version of Google Chrome here

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