Flash video finally coming to iPhone – via HTML5

Apple fans long starved of Flash video content on their mobile devices look set for a change of fortunes thanks to a new browser called Skyfire that is apparently about to appear in the App Store.

Flash video finally coming to iPhone - via HTML5

Apple’s iPhone and iPad have famously been without Flash support due to Steve Jobs’ aversion to the Adobe software, but Skyfire – which, according to CNN, will be launched tomorrow – gets around the Flash ban with a clever piece of format translation.

“Skyfire plays Flash video by transcoding video files into HTML5 in the cloud and optimising them for mobile delivery,” the company says. “Skyfire’s cloud technology means videos play faster and smoother, with less buffering, less ‘stuttering’, and better battery life.”

Users will face a short delay while the video is converted, but the company says it brings millions of videos to Apple’s devices for the first time, although other Flash content, such as games, remains off limits.

Apple recently relaxed its rules on how developers can create apps with Flash, which was seen as a major concession, but the company has been resolute in its dislike of Flash on devices.

According to the CNN report, Skyfire will be available for download from around lunchtime tomorrow for $2.99.

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