Apple to fix alarm bug this weekend

Apple has said it will issue a fix for an alarm bug that saw many Europeans get an extra hour’s sleep after the time change.

Apple to fix alarm bug this weekend

While clocks on the iPhone and iPod Touch updated cleanly when Britain flipped back to GMT over the weekend, a bug in the alarm system meant pre-set wake-up calls sounded an hour late on Monday morning.

On its support pages, Apple admitted the flaw. “In some regions, shortly before or after the daylight saving time (DST) change, repeating alarms created in the Clock app may work incorrectly.”

To fix the problem, Apple suggested setting the repeat interval to “Never”, meaning users will have to reset their alarm every night.

However, it added: “After November 7th, 2010, you can set your alarms to repeat again.”

As the problem is in iOS 4.1, it looks likely that iOS 4.2 will arrive on Sunday.

The flaw first hit New Zealand and Australia in September, and wasn’t fixed or acknowledged ahead of the time change in Europe.

However, the patch will be released just in time to avoid trouble in the US, where clocks change this weekend. The Sunday fix should mean alarms are working properly before the start of the working week.

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