Asus tells PC makers to stop shipping Sandy Bridge PCs

Asus is set to reveal its plans for dealing with the Sandy Bridge chipset recall today, after telling PC makers to stop shipping affected motherboards.

Asus tells PC makers to stop shipping Sandy Bridge PCs

On Monday, Intel revealed a flaw in the SATA ports in the latest generation of its Series 6 chipsets, which support the Sandy Bridge processors.

When we spoke to several UK manufacturers yesterday, they had still not been told how component suppliers would be responding to the recall, leaving them in the dark over what to do next.

Today, Asus will tell its partners to stop selling PCs with the affected motherboards, and to return all stock they currently hold.

For machines already shipped to customers, Asus said it will accept returns, but suggests manufacturers “guide the customers to keep using their computer until such time Asus offers a new motherboard to swap.”

“This suggestion will enable the end users to have uninterrupted computer experience until the swap out is available,” Asus added in an email to resellers, saying the full process and timeline for swapping motherboards will be revealed after the Chinese New Year.

“Whether the customer chooses to swap or return, we will honor and take the responsibility,” the firm said. Asus added in an open letter to customers that all warranties would be “reset” when they receive the new motherboard.

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