Yahoo denies blame for Windows Phone 7 bug

Yahoo has denied Microsoft’s claim that it’s to blame for a data bug in Windows Phone 7.

Last month, Windows Phone 7 users noticed large data packets were being sent from their phone, even when it was in standby mode, pushing some over their download limits.

After first pointing the finger at an unnamed third party app, Microsoft outed Yahoo Mail as the source of the mysterious data.

However, Yahoo has now pointed out that its mail service doesn’t cause problems on any other mobile platform. “Yahoo Mail is widely available on tens of millions of mobile phones, including those running on Apple iOS, Android, Nokia Symbian, and RIM,” the company said in a statement.

“The issue on the Windows phones is specific to how Microsoft chose to implement IMAP for Yahoo Mail and does not impact Yahoo Mail on these other mobile devices.”

While Microsoft had previously said it was working with the web firm on a fix, Yahoo says it has an easy solution.

“Yahoo has offered to provide Microsoft a near-term solution for the implementation they chose, and is encouraging Microsoft to change to a standard way of integrating with Yahoo Mail, which would result in a permanent fix,” the company said.

Microsoft has yet to get back to us with a response.

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