ACS Law’s file-sharing case: news roundup

The use of so-called “speculative invoicing” to target illegal file-sharers could be about to come to an end.

ACS Law's file-sharing case: news roundup

Under the scheme, law firms sent out letters demanding settlement at risk of court action to people identified by IP address data as having downloaded copyright files. No such cases have been successful in UK courts.

Despite the pair now wishing to drop more than two dozen cases they brought to the court, Judge Birss of the Patents County Court has now closed the case, with costs still to be decided.

ACS Law has already said it is moving out of the anti-piracy business, succumbing to financial pressure and threats against sole solicitor Andrew Crossley’s family.

See below for PC Pro’s coverage of ACS Law and the file-sharing letter campaign, and check back for updates from the Patents County Court, Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, and more.

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