McKinnon’s mother seeks showdown with Clegg

Gary McKinnon’s mother has requested a private meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, to discuss the potential extradition of her son over hacking charges.

McKinnon's mother seeks showdown with Clegg

McKinnon admits hacking into US Government computers several years ago, but is fighting extradition on the grounds that his Asperger’s Syndrome could leave him at risk of suicide.

Janis Sharp said she requested a meeting with Nick Clegg last week. “I haven’t had a yes or no yet but I believe they’ll be getting back to me quite soon,” she told PC Pro.

“I want to discuss a specific technical point with Nick Clegg which I don’t want to reveal, as I want to discuss it privately with Nick Clegg,” she added.

Sharp and her son are currently waiting on Home Secretary Theresa May to decide if the Government will refuse to extradite McKinnon and try him in the UK.

She said her side has filed new medical evidence regarding McKinnon’s health, showing his mental health issues started when he was in his teens.

“We believe that we have presented compelling evidence over and above anything expected by the Government and we are hoping and looking forward to Theresa May and the Government ruling in Gary’s favour and refusing extradition,” she added.

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