iPhone alarm glitch strikes again

Apple still hasn’t fixed a glitch in its iPhone clock software that means the handsets can’t deal with the clocks going forward or backwards, according to reports.

iPhone alarm glitch strikes again

The problem first arose for UK residents last Autumn, when iPhone users across Europe had a lie-in after handsets failed to follow suit when the clocks changed for daylight saving.

The glitch struck again in the US, when their clocks changed for winter.

Yet the company still hasn’t fully resolved the issue, with US users once again complaining of being late for work and church when the problem hit over the weekend.

“I have an iPhone 3G and it also did not change,” wrote one user on the Apple support forum covering the issue. “My alarm went off at 6:10 and again at 6:30 and it was an hour behind. Needless to say, I was late to work for a second time thanks to the iPhone.

“When I placed and ended a call, the phone updated the time… seems like the problem is in the phone with the phone being in a standby or sleep mode.” 

Twitter users were more critical, saying the company should have fixed the five-month-old issue.

“Hey Apple, I’m just happy I wasn’t late for a job interview today,” tweeted an unimpressed Roberts Edwards. “Way to fix a problem you’ve known about since November.”

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