IE9 trails Firefox and Chrome on Windows 7

Microsoft’s latest browser is pulling in only 4.19% of global users, according to the latest stats from Net Applications.

IE9 trails Firefox and Chrome on Windows 7

IE9 arrived in March, alongside updated versions from Mozilla and Google. Globally, across all operating systems, Firefox 4 has grabbed a 10% share, while Chrome 11 has 9.7% of the market.

Microsoft limited IE9’s potential uptake by banning it from Windows XP – the decade-old OS that’s still the most used OS globally – and focusing instead on Vista and Windows 7.

“When Microsoft decided not to support XP for Internet Explorer 9, it narrowed the front for the browser wars to Windows 7,” Net Applications noted.


European browser market share

However, IE9 remains the fourth-ranked browser even on Windows 7 with a 12% share, behind IE8 (42.5%), Chrome 11 (14.8%) and Firefox 4 (14%). In the US, it’s doing a little better, with a 17% share of that market.

The takeup is slower than for IE8, which grabbed 10.4% in its first three months – although Internet Explorer as a whole had a larger piece of the market at the time.

Regardless of version, Internet Explorer still commands the largest share overall, at 54.3% of the market to Firefox’s 21.7% and Chrome’s 12.5%.

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