Apple offers micro-USB adapter for iPhone

Apple has snuck a micro-USB adapter into the UK version of its online store, letting iPhones charge or connect to PCs a little bit easier.

Apple offers micro-USB adapter for iPhone

The £8 adapter showed up in the UK Apple Store after it was brought back online following the launch of the iPhone 4S last night.

There have been third-party adapters available before, but this is the first time Apple has offered a standardised adapter of its own.

The move follows a promise by Apple to back a universal charging standard, that would see handsets all chargeable from a micro-USB port. That doesn’t mean the iPhone has to feature a micro-USB port or even come with an adapter in the box, however.

That standard was adopted two years ago by major manufacturers including Nokia and Samsung, in a bid to create a universal charger so companies can stop producing proprietary chargers that get thrown away after the phone is replaced.

The adapter starts shipping 14 October, and isn’t yet available in the US store. The site says it is compatible with iPhones back to the 3GS, but there’s no word whether it works with the iPad.

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