Intel to sell warranty for overclockers

Intel has unveiled a protection plan for overclockers that will provide a replacement processor if over ambitious system tweakers damage hardware.

Intel to sell warranty for overclockers

Intel’s general warranties are invalidated when users overclock or over-volt their processors, but under the plan Intel said it would offer a one-time-only replacement processor if users fried their chips – for a fee.

According to Intel, the Performance Tuning Protection Plan is “an additional plan that a customer can purchase to cover processor failures caused by operating the eligible processor outside of Intel’s published specifications”.

The company stopped short of endorsing overclocking, but acknowledged the frustration of users who damaged their hardware while operating outside Intel’s guidelines.

“Intel has received feedback from customers who desire to implement overclocking on eligible processors, that because of the lack of any replacement coverage for the eligible processors, the risk of overclocking is too great,” the company said on the programme’s homepage.

“We understand this position, and while we cannot endorse overclocking, we want to provide a limited remedy if issues arise as a result of their decision to enable overclocking.”

The plan is available to integrators, resellers and users for five of the company’s chips, with prices ranging from $20 for a Core i5-2500K, which retails at more than £115, to $35 for a Core i7-3960X, which sells for more than £800.

However, overclockers will be expected to learn the limitations of their processors, and will not be covered if they make the same mistake twice.

“You will receive one replacement processor under the plan,” Intel said. “You cannot purchase multiple plans for a single processor. The plan does not transfer to the replacement processor and only covers a one time replacement.”

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