Lib Dems prepared to “kill” web snooping plans

The Liberal Democrats are willing to “kill” a controversial communications surveillance bill, a leading party member has said.

Lib Dems prepared to

Last week, Government plans to capture data on email, browsing sessions and social networks again made headlines, with suggestions the communications surveillance bill would be announced in May.

Despite the Government saying the proposals will be pushed through as soon as possible, leading Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have spoken out strongly about the plans.

Now, Tim Farron, president of the Liberal Democrats, has said his party is willing to block the bill.

We are prepared to kill them, be absolutely clear about that, if it comes down to it

“I am prepared to recognise that there is obviously a need in modern society with new technology to have a look at what needs to be given to the security services but only if it is absolutely clear there is no universal access,” he told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, according to a report in The Telegraph.

“But we are prepared to kill them, be absolutely clear about that, if it comes down to it,” he continued. “If we think this is a threat to a free and liberal society then there would be no question of unpicking them or compromising, this just simply must not happen.”

Farron added that he’s spoken to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg about the bill, and suggested the public pressure had already affected its contents, saying he would be “surprised” if it was released in its current form.

He said that the legislation must be fairly judged, but added: “I have to say I’m in no mood whatsoever to apologise for, or to amend or unpick authoritarian legislation… It strikes me that a Government that includes Liberal Democrats should ensure that Britain ends up a more liberal place, not less.”

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