Microsoft offering “crapware” cleanup service

Microsoft is to sell a service to strip “crapware” from machines in a bid to improve performance of new PCs sold using its Windows operating system.

Microsoft offering

An extension of a fine-tuning programme dubbed “Signature”, the service will initially be available through the company’s stores. It will cost $99 and be open to anyone who has bought a machine and decided they don’t want the free tools loaded up by OEMs.

“Many new PCs come filled with lots of trialware and sample software that slows your computer down – removing all that is a pain, so we do it for you,” the company said on its Signature website.

“Every PC the Microsoft Store sells is put on a software diet and performance is tuned to run the best it can.”

According to a report from AllThingsD, the move is in response to Microsoft concerns that its software is not being presented in the best possible light – especially in comparison with Apple’s wares – because systems come crammed with third-party software that slows down performance.

Each PC we sell is configured by Microsoft engineers to operate at each model’s peak performance level

We are waiting to hear back from Microsoft to see if the service will be extended to the UK and how it would be operated this side of the Atlantic, but under the US scheme, customers would be able to take any machine purchased from hardware manufacturers or retailers into a store to have it cleaned up.

Microsoft included

However, a new machine would still contain software other than the operating system, with Microsoft installing its own software, but the company says each machine would be treated individually depending on configuration.

“Each [Signature] PC we sell is configured by Microsoft engineers to operate at each model’s peak performance level. From start-up to shut down or waking the computer from sleep, you’ll notice the performance advantage,” Microsoft said.

“Each PC includes Windows 7, Windows Live Essentials, Zune software, Internet Explorer with Bing optimisation, and more — all ready to go, right from the moment you turn on your PC.”

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