Apple releases Mountain Lion to developers

Apple has released the code for the next version of OS X, dubbed Mountain Lion.

Apple releases Mountain Lion to developers

The company last night released to third-party developers its “golden master” code, the final version of the OS before it’s released to users.

Mac OSX 10.8 had been expected to hit general availability at the end of the summer, but reports suggest it could be set to arrive this month. UK pricing isn’t yet available, but an upgrade will cost $20 in the US.

The developer preview was released in February, when Apple first announced the update. Mountain Lion will bring iOS style notifications, security tools to lock down third-party apps, and iCloud integration.

iOS 6 leaks

The release comes as Apple has started to fight back against websites reselling access to iOS 6.

The next version of the mobile OS for the iPad and iPhone is set to be released later this year, but beta code is already available to developers so they can create and update apps.


Is Apple right to leave old Macs stranded on Mountain Lion?

Developers pay a $99 annual subscription for early access to code, and are allowed to activate as many as 100 licenses. While the update will be free when it’s eventually released, some are selling licences to those who simply can’t wait.

“Apple only allows registered iPhone developers to have access to iOS 6 beta. That’s where we come in,” says one site. “We have paid the fees and done all the work. All you have to do is register your iOS device on our account. Once you register, you’ll be able to download the beta firmware and install it on your device.”

Apple is now targeting such sites, sending takedown notices to hosting companies, according to a report on the BBC. Apple wasn’t available for comment.

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