Breakfast briefing: Windows pricing, Foxconn

Windows 8 to jump to $199 next year

Breakfast briefing: Windows pricing, Foxconn

Hot on the heels of rumours on Microsoft’s Surface tablet pricing, The Verge claims to have been given a heads up on the pricing for Windows 8 when the $69.99 promotional price expires at the end of next January. Citing sources at the company, the report says the operating system will jump to $199, while an in upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro will cost $69 during the launch discount period before jumping to $99. The software is due for release on 26 October.

Foxconn working conditions improving slowly

Apple and Foxconn have improved working conditions at Chinese factories making iPads and iPhone, but still have much work to do, according to the Fair Labor Association that the companies hired to investigate after a series of suicides. The FLA has told told the companies to reduce hours by as much as a third, which will add to labour costs, but Foxconn was putting a benevolent face on the impact. “I expect more loyalty from workers as a result, and then we can save more costs on recruitment and retainment,” Louis Woo, special assistant to the CEO of Foxconn, told Reuters.

Snoopers’ charter deadline approaching

Expect a flurry of activity from privacy and web rights campaigners as the public consultation period on the draft Communications Data Bill comes to a close on 23 August, security firm Sophos reminds us. The legislation, which would extend police and security service powers to include intercepting communication details of who individuals communicate and when, has been widely criticised. Guidelines on how to contribute are on the parliamnet website.

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