Breakfast Briefing: Facebook data pile and old icons

This morning in the world of tech, we reveal exactly how big Facebook is, the iPhone’s sales struggles in China, and the old icons that refuse to die.

How big is Facebook?

Facebook has revealed some big numbers to highlight just how much data it’s processing by the day.

In any 24-hour period it handles 2.5 billion shares, 2.7 billion likes, 300 million photo uploads and more than 500TB of new data. Which is quite a lot. One other nugget was that Facebook has a zero tolerance policy for employees who abuse that data in any way, which may or may not be enough reassurance to keep you uploading your life.

Old icons refuse to lie down

Some of the traditional icons used to represent our communications tool remain bizarrely anachronistic. As The Guardian points out, we still use old-fashioned telephone handsets to represent oblong smartphones, and when was the last time anyone saw a physical floppy disk?

iPhone sales slump in China

Apple’s share of China’s smartphone market was slashed in half, dropping to 10% of phones sold as people wait for the next generation of the iPhone. In a sales dip that highlights the dangers of product cycles, Reuters said people were holding off buying handsets and seeing more attractive alternatives appear in shops.

Sabu still helping the authorities

Remember LulzSec? Captain of the Lulz Boat was a hacker known as Sabu, and it’s now been revealed that his assistance to the authorities since his arrest in June has earned him a six-month reprieve from sentencing on 12 charges.

The best of Kinect

Over at Technet there’s a post rounding up a few interesting uses for Kinect that you may not have seen yet. One cracking demo lets you map virtual limbs to everyday household objects – watch the video to see how much fun that is – while others let you make music with motion or experience an art gallery in a novel way. Here’s a video of a man being a chair:

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