Will wireless charging be built into next year’s PCs?

Charging cables could be a thing of the past thanks to a new wireless charging system demonstrated today at the Intel Developer Forum.

Will wireless charging be built into next year's PCs?

The system, to be manufactured by signal processing manufacturer IDT, uses resonance-enhanced electrodynamic induction to convey power to nearby receivers. In theory it could be deployed anywhere, but Intel envisages it being built into laptops and desktops, so as to charge peripherals automatically. “The batteries will never again run out on your wireless keyboard or mouse once we get this tech to market,” promised Intel’s Kirk Skaugen.

A demonstration also showed how custom backs could be fitted to existing smartphones to enable them to charge automatically when placed next to a resonant inducer. “Just set your phone beside an all-in-one or an Ultrabook and it’ll charge at roughly the same rate a USB cable does today,” Skaugen predicted.

Technical details are as yet scarce, but a demonstrator revealed that reference hardware is expected to be ready early in 2013, suggesting a possible consumer release in time for next Christmas.

Click here to read the official partnership announcement between Intel and IDT.

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