Ellison: Apple is doomed without Jobs

Oracle boss Larry Ellison has predicted that Apple will once again face a steep decline without Steve Jobs.

The outspoken Oracle CEO was asked about Apple’s prospects without Jobs, who died of cancer in 2011, in an interview with US television channel CBS.

Ellison replied that “we already know” – referring to the years in the mid-eighties and early nineties when Jobs was away from Apple and the company came perilously close to going out of business. “We conducted the experiment. It’s been done,” Ellison added.

“We saw Apple with Steve Jobs,” said Ellison, raising his finger to illustrate a sharp incline. “We saw Apple without Steve Jobs,” he said, indicating a sharp decline.


“We saw Apple with Steve Jobs,” he repeated, referring to Jobs’ return in the company in 1996, and once again sending his finger skyward, “and now, we’re going to see Apple without Steve Jobs,” he concluded, plunging the finger back towards the ground.

Ellison paid a glowing tribute to Jobs, claiming that the former Apple CEO was “brilliant”. “He was our Edison, he was our Picasso, he was an incredible inventor.”

Ellison was made a director of Apple shortly after Jobs returned to the company in the mid-1990s, but he resigned in 2002, claiming he didn’t have time to attend the board meetings.

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