Mozilla takes the wraps off Firefox 29

Mozilla has released Firefox 29, saying it’s the most significant update to the browser since 2011.

Mozilla takes the wraps off Firefox 29

The major design overhaul in Firefox 29 offers users greater customisation and is easier to use than previous editions, the development firm said.

The title bar is larger than in previous versions of the browser and tabs appear wider and contain more text, shrinking only when there is not enough room to fit them all in.

The bookmarks button has also been changed, as the company said users did not previously realise the ‘star’ icon created a bookmark or, if they did, where the resulting bookmark could be found.

The new button will let users create bookmarks and also access their bookmarks list, whereas previously that was found in a separate dropdown menu.

Mozilla has also made the forward button and download progress bar visible only when they are relevant.

In addition, Mozilla has developed a new add-on, named Lightbeam, that lets users see the first and third-party websites they interact with and build up a picture of their online footprint.

Firefox Sync has also been updated, letting you sync browsing history, saved passwords, open tabs and form data across PCs and Android devices using Firefox Accounts.

“We built Firefox [29] so that you can easily reposition or fully remove almost all of your browser’s buttons and controls, giving you … access to the features you use the most,” said Madhava Enros, senior manager of Firefox User Experience, who was involved in the redesign.

“We’ve also better organised the browser window itself… [helping us] to address feedback we heard about how controls were either cluttering the main interface or hidden too deep in a menu somewhere and hard to

find,” Enros added.

Firefox 29 is available to download immediately.

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