Amazon 3D phone could arrive in two weeks

Amazon is holding a launch event in two weeks, where it may release its much rumoured 3D smartphone.

The company has released a teaser video of people reacting to an unseen device, with cries of “woah” and “awesome”.

Aside from the video, there are a number of indications that this is indeed the long-rumoured phone.

In April this year, the Wall Street Journal claimed to have got its hands on some of the specs for the device. It said the smartphone will have the ability to create “3D-like images … similar to a hologram” using four sensors in the phone.

This included the ability to make a scan of the environment it was currently in and render it in 3D. Indications from the video that the Journal’s sources were on the money include a woman stating “it moved with me” while another says it is “very real life”.

The WSJ also claimed the display will be able to sense how close a user’s face is and “automatically zoom into images”, as well as being able to “manipulate text and images as a person moves the phone”. Once again, the video suggested similar features.

Previous reports also suggested the 3D smartphone would be unveiled in June this year and indeed the launch date is set for 18 June.

You can watch the teaser video below:

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