Find your own house in redrawn Minecraft map of Britain

Ordnance Survey has updated its Minecraft map of Great Britain to make it more appealing to gamers as well as a better educational tool.

The original British Minecraft map was released last year as an interactive tool to help children learn about geography.

It was produced using real geographic data from Ordnance Survey and was credited with inspiring the creation of a similar map of Denmark.

Snowdonia Minecraft GB

Snowdonia in Minecraft GB

Snowdonia Minecraft GB 2

Snowdonia in Minecraft GB 2

GB Minecraft 2 is made up of 83 billion blocks – almost four times the number used in the original map. According to creator Joseph Braybrook, a graduate trainee with Ordnance Survey, this allowed him to incorporate a much higher level of detail, giving “a smoother, more expansive appearance that is closer to real life”.

As well as being more aesthetically pleasing, GB Minecraft 2 also features local roads, which it didn’t before, as well as colour-coded motorways. The national rail network has also been added, and forests and woodlands are now made up of individual trees.

Ordnance Survey claims the map is so detailed users will even be able to find their own house.

Baybrook has tried to make his creation more appealing to gamers, as well as improving it as an educational resource.

“I’ve attempted to recreate Great Britain to be more realistic, while maintaining the gameplay elements people love from the game. I believe GB Minecraft 2 delivers a far greater gaming experience and will present a challenge for gamers to start mining and building on it,” he said.

GB Minecraft 2 can be downloaded immediately from the Ordnance Survey website.

Sun rising over stonehenge Minecraft GB 2

Sunrise over Stonehenge

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