Lenovo’s Smartband will unlock your PC

Lenovo is gearing up to launch a fitness tracker that will also unlock your PC.

It was confirmed that the company is working on a wearable device named the Lenovo Smartband SW-B100 earlier this month in a filing with the US Federal Communications Commission (USFCC), but feature details were scant.

However, thanks to a premature listing on the “accessories” section of Lenovo’s website, the Smartband’s technical specifications and target audience are also now known.

Lenovo Smartband listing. Credit: Lenovo via Mashable

[sup]credit: Lenovo via Mashable[/sup]

According to the listing, which has since been yanked, the device will be available in blue and black or orange and black and is targeted at “young people who take care of their personal health and are interested in new tech trend products”.

The Smartband has typical fitness tracker features, such as logging the number of steps the wearer takes during a day, the distance they cover, their heart rate and how they sleep, plus the ability to set exercise reminders.

So far, so fitness band, however the device also has a couple of features more commonly seen in smartwatches. The Smartband, which is compatible with devices running Android 4.3 (and above) and iOS 7.1 (and above), shows call and text alerts and appointment reminders from the wearer’s smartphone on its screen.

But, what’s most intriguing, is the Lenovo Smartband will apparently be able to log you into your computer without the need to enter a password, although quite how it does this isn’t revealed.

The USFCC filing also indicated it will have up to seven days battery life.

Sadly, though, no details of pricing or availability have been revealed yet.

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