Top researcher to hunt out net neutrality violations

A top security researcher has created software to track net neutrality violations.

Top researcher to hunt out net neutrality violations

Dan Kaminsky – famous for uncovering a massive DNS flaw – told the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas his free N00ter software would look for artificial slowdowns in web traffic.

“How do you detect subtle violations in network neutrality? How do you detect biased networks?” Kaminksy was quoted by Forbes as saying. “I’m here as an engineer to tell you that we will find you out. And we will find out in a way that’s incontrovertible.”

How do you detect subtle violations in network neutrality

N00ter routes traffic via a proxy, spoofing the destination and the source, then comparing it with normal traffic to detect differences.

“All the other sources of change disappear and we’re left with the one cause, the ISP,” said Kaminsky.

Kaminsky isn’t arguing for total net neutrality, but is hoping to increase transparency in traffic management by encouraging honesty from ISPs and letting Governments see what’s already happening on networks to help them make informed legislation.

“Whatever changes we have, they might as well be transparent,” he said. “I just provide the data.”

The N00ter software will be released within the next few weeks, Kaminsky said.

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