The weekly roundup – Friday 27 April

Keep abreast of the news with our weekly roundup of the week’s main tech stories.

The weekly roundup - Friday 27 April

A variety of stories this week. You could say they cover a wide ZX Spectrum, given that the machine that whetted our appetites for personal computers, and got developers developing, marked its 25th birthday this week…

More seriously, according to new research by Gartner, the global ICT industry generates as much CO2 as the aviation industry, accounting for around two per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Also, the University of Tokyo set two new Internet2 Land Speed Records, Ricoh demonstrated a new printing technology, the Blu-ray and HD DVD camps disputed the latest sales figures for blue laser players, and there was more bad news for Sony regarding its laptop batteries. A voluntary recall programme from Acer saw it joining the list of manufactures who have had their fingers burned on the faulty battery packs manufactured by Sony.

One company never out of the news is Microsoft. It reported booming sales in its quarterly reports, including Vista and Office 2007 revenues, but Redmond could also find itself facing new antitrust penalties from the EU. ‘It could be reasonable to draw the conclusion that behavioural remedies are ineffective and that a structural remedy is warranted,’ said Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes.

Friday 27 April

Microsoft sales climb 32 per cent

Microsoft also reports bumper profits of $4.93 billion for the first three months of the year

Computing rivals aviation for CO2 emissions – Gartner

Gartner study estimates that IT accounts for two per cent of global emissions

HD DVD ‘still very much in the game’

HD DVD Group says its players are outselling Blu-ray hardware and prices are falling

Thursday 26 April

Microsoft goes public with Longhorn server beta

Microsoft unveils the first publicly available test version of the next edition of Windows Server, code-named Longhorn.

Acer recalls 27,000 Sony laptop batteries

More bad news for Sony regarding its laptop batteries – the fallout from its overheating battery packs continues to grow.

How often do MPs check their email?

After two months, almost one in six MPs had completely failed to reply.

Wednesday 25 April

UK office workers suffering chronic ill-health – survey

A report entitled ‘@Work @Risk’ suggests that millions of British office workers are suffering what it terms chronic ‘poor desk health’.

Ricoh takes aim at inkjets with gel technology

Ricoh demonstrates a new printing technology that could provide a new middle ground between consumer inkjet printers and workgroup lasers.

University of Tokyo sets two new Net speed records

The University of Tokyo breaks two of the Internet2 Land Speed Records and has now set or broken 10 records for the highest-bandwidth, end-to-end networks.

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