Sony redefines the meaning of VAIO

Sony has redefined its VAIO acronym as part of a refresh of its range.

Sony redefines the meaning of VAIO

At the first VAIO’s launch ten years ago, Sony defined the letters as Video Audio Integrated Operation but, according to Senior GM of the VAIO Business Group, Hideyuki Furumi, this isn’t enough:

“As we go into a new decade, we want to change the way people integrate with PCs and make people’s experience better than it is now,” announced Furumi at a pan-European event in Berlin. “Today I’m here to announce the new definition of the VAIO.

“The VAIO will change into Visual Audio Intelligent Organiser. Visual and Audio are a heritage of Sony itself and [are still important] as we’re clearly entering into a world of high definition.”

So where does Intelligent come in? Furumi used the examples of face-recognition technology and Click-to-Disc, a piece of software that comes as standard with the new VAIOs.

“With Click-to-Disc you can easily convert your videos to high-definition videos. You can also create an interactive display, which you can’t do with DVDs. Take a wedding with lots of different cameras. You may want to switch to a different camera and this is possible with Blu-ray,” he said.

And finally to O for Organiser: “To put the elements together needs a very high level of engineering and very high level of design. We aim to achieve a functional beauty with VAIO’s design. We believe that the PC is something that you’re going to be using every day so every detail will become familiar to you.”

We’ll print details of the full new range of VAIOs later today.

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