Very PC banks on free server initiative

Very PC is launching a new initiative that will allow businesses to trade in their old servers for its Janus II servers, for no initial cost.

Very PC banks on free server initiative

The Sheffield-based company has drawn up a list of servers from brands such as Dell and HP that can be traded in, with the customer paying the difference in energy bills between the old and new servers on a monthly basis over the server’s lifetime.

The company will judge the current rate of electricity by the lower tariff on British Gas’s Fixed Price 2012 tariff, and will require companies to trade in like-for-like servers.

“The Janus II offers four discrete processor sockets, so you’ve got to trade in for discrete processor sockets worth of servers. It seems to be the fairest way,” says Peter Hopton, managing director of Very PC.

“The main thing about the initiative is to put our money where our mouth is. Obviously one of the concerns at the moment is the economic downturn, and whether that will stop people investing in ecologically-sound solutions. So, what we’re hoping to do is fight that off.

“We’re aiming this at data rooms, data centres, whether that’s an SME or corporate or public sector organisation,” he adds.

Hopton says it will look to repurpose any server it receives, possibly for use in developing nations through charities such as Computer Aid. Alternatively they will be recycled in accordance with the WEEE regulations.

Very PC claims the Janus II can save companies up to 50% on their energy bills, and any company interested in seeing if they can benefit from the scheme can check out the website.

Businesses interested in finding out how going green can save them money can also investigate our Green Business Feature.

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