New Ultimate Extras prove distinctly underwhelming

Microsoft has once again disappointed Vista Ultimate owners with a lacklustre smattering of additions to its Ultimate Extras range.

Ultimate Extras were intended to reward buyers who paid up to £100 extra for Vista Ultimate Edition, but they have so far been few and far between.

The latest dribble of releases are hardly awe inspiring, either. Ultimate owners have been granted two new Windows sound schemes and three new Dream Scenes – the animated wallpapers that are as resource-hungry as they are irritating.

The new additions haven’t gone down too well with some visitors to the Vista team blog, which at least showed an admirable smattering of self-deprecation by introducing the Extras with the line: “If you’re running Windows Vista Ultimate and noticed two new Ultimate Extras have shown up on Windows Update – don’t worry, your eyes do not deceive!”

Some users remain unimpressed. “It [would] be nice if we actually received some decent applications as part of the Extras’ content,” writes one of the blog’s visitors.

“Why isn’t it possible to release such videos in a proper quality without a moving camera, with perfect loops and without dirt on the material?” asks another. “Microsoft should invest more than just five minutes to search some stock footage.”

Microsoft does promise more to come. “Be sure you keep your eyes on for more Ultimate Extra news in future as well as hot Ultimate Exclusives for Windows Vista Ultimate users.”

Breath. Hold. Don’t.

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