ARM hungry for low-power chip crown

British processor manufacturer ARM has unveiled a non-power hungry processor, claiming it leaves its previous chips eating dust when it comes to energy efficiency.

ARM hungry for low-power chip crown

The Cortex M0 could be coming to devices or cars near you very soon, according to ARM. When it does it will bring with it 32-bit performance at an 8-bit price point.

The processor’s power consumption figure is a tiny 85 microwatts per megahertz. Its low cost is partially achieved through a low gate count and it fits the same footprint as a 16-bit processor. The processor is also backwards compatible with the Cortex-M3 processor.

ARM said the move extends its presence into the microcontroller market, adding that the chip’s use will span a wide range of areas including medical devices, smart house controllers, gaming accessories, in addition to home networks and cars.

The company says it already has licences for the chip from NXP Semiconductors and Triad Semiconductor.

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