Intel launches Ivy Bridge chips

Intel has launched its latest processors, dubbed Ivy Bridge.

Intel launches Ivy Bridge chips

The processor architecture promises better performance using less power. Intel claims Ivy Bridge will offer a 20% processing boost with a 20% cut to power use.

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Ivy Bridge is a die shrink to the 22nm manufacturing process, in keeping with Intel’s “tick tock” release cycle that sees a new architecture developed and then shrunk down every two years.

Ivy Bridge comes with some new features, notably its tri-gate transistor technology, which features a “3D design” that cuts power leakage. The processors also introduce the new HD Graphics 2500 and 4000 cores, which support DirectX 11 and Open GL 3.1.

Ivy Bridge is expected to help boost Ultrabooks, the thin ultraportable laptops Intel has invested $300m in developing alongside manufacturers. Intel has already said 75 Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks are in the works, and told the BBC that 300 mobile products and 270 desktops using the chips were in development.

Intel unveiled 13 quad-core processors, primarily for desktops, while the rest – including those for Ultrabooks – won’t arrive until “later this spring”.

The chip maker also promised plenty of supply, saying it was the firm’s “fastest ramp ever”.

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