Scottish IT company backs greener computing

Another IT company is stepping up to the mark to make computing more environmentally friendly. We’ve mentioned green initiatives from companies such as Via, Evesham and PC World and now Kudos IT Systems is developing a carbon neutral PC project.

Scottish IT company backs greener computing

While the Scottish IT maintenance and consultancy company is looking to eventually build a truly carbon neutral PC, using recyclable materials and power-efficient components, it is not there yet, its MD Chris Dixon told us. The company is, however, also supporting a Responsible Computing initiative, which enables IT users to significantly reduce their carbon emissions.

It has put together a package for computer systems that is designed to reducing the carbon emissions. All systems on its website that feature a green symbol will come with certain environmental benefits. These include: power saving hardware (eg low voltage CPUs), a PDF guide to optimising the power saving features of the PC, a tree planted in the client’s name in a Scottish forest, and ‘a system optimised for remote desktop support, allowing 90 per cent or more of problems to be solved remotely thus reducing the need for engineer visits in the event of a breakdown. (Saving unnecessary car journeys and their associated emissions).’

There is also an option for wooden keyboard and mouse, sourced from the Swedish company Swedx.

Dixon said there had been a good take-up from existing customers, mainly SMEs and not-for-profit organisations. He also claimed that some systems had achieved an almost negative carbon footprint (based on a carbon calculator from the Carbon Trust). Specifically, Intel Core Solo-based systems, maximising the power-management features available in Sony Vaios.

Dixon told also us that Kudos was looking to work with Via on future systems, the Taiwanese company that has launched a ‘carbon-free’ processor.

Via is offering to ‘offset’ the amount of carbon dioxide caused by the manufacture and operation of the chip through reforestation, ‘promoting’ alternative energy sources such as solar power and energy conservation.

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