Intel Developer Forum, Spring 2007 – the rolling roundup

For all the latest processor news from Beijing, here is a rolling round up from Intel’s Developer Forum.

Intel Developer Forum, Spring 2007 - the rolling roundup

18 April

Intel reveals new ultramobile processor

Intel unveils new class of processor for ultramobiles – and there might be bad news for the iPhone’s battery life.

17 April

Intel turns the desktop upside-down, reveals new midrange platform

Even more new announcements from Intel. Its Santa Rosa platform – the new version of the wildly successful Centrino mobile system – has a new variant, DT.

Intel finally demos 80-core processor

After much hype and bluster, the chip giant demonstrates a working model of its 80 core processor at the Intel Developer Forum.

Intel’s on the Skulltrail of AMD’s Quad FX

AMD’s quad-core platform receives a blow from left-field.

Future system-on-a-chip unveiled

Intel goes for AMD’s jugular again with Tolapai, its upcoming complete system-on-a-chip.

Intel predicts death of DRAM

Intel aims for total dominance of computing componentry.

16 April

Intel to ship mobile gaming ‘extreme’ processor

Chip giant Intel gives mobile gamers something to look forward to.

Hands-on with Intel’s e-ink laptop

Intel unveils radical new laptop design with e-ink display at its developer forum in Beijing.

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