The weekly roundup – Friday 4 May

Keep abreast of the news with our weekly roundup of the week’s main tech stories.

The weekly roundup - Friday 4 May

The battling blue laser formats, Blu-ray and HD DVD, are never far away from the news and this week’s main development was the battle to contain the cracking of AACS copy-protection.

The organisation responsible for licensing AACS, which is used by both Blu-ray and HD DVD, sent out ‘cease and desist’ notices to various websites that were linking to a software key that enables the DRM to be cracked. Among the uproar that followed, was a notable victim. The website was almost brought to its knees, amid a flood of angry posts flouting the ban and flagging the key.

Another theme of the news this week was the future of TV on the Net – the BBC, ITV and Joost all featured on the PC Pro news index, with details of their online offerings.

Other news includes: Hitachi shipping 1TB internal hard drives; Apple promising to be greener than its competitors; Dell reconsidering its direct sales model; Gartner predicting the top 10 disruptive technologies; and the open source Mono project planning to release a Linux version of Microsoft’s new Silverlight Web plug-in.

Friday 4 May

Gartner predicts top 10 disruptive technologies

Mash-ups, virtual worlds, social software, the growth of multi-core processing and environmental issues – these are the things that will shape the IT industry over the next five years, according to analyst firm Gartner.

Mono shines Microsoft’s Silverlight on Linux

The head of the Mono open source project has said that it will release a Linux version of Microsoft’s new Silverlight Web plug-in before the end of the year.

Thursday 3 May

Apple promises to be greener than its competitors

Perhaps hoping to head off an expected rebellion at its annual shareholder meeting next week, Apple has announced plans to be greener than most of its competitors.

Hitachi ships 1TB internal hard drive

Hitachi begins UK shipping of what it claims as the world’s first terabyte capacity internal hard drive.

DRM body tackles Yahoo! puts Messenger in a browser

Yahoo! unveils an extension of its instant messaging service that can be used within a browser, obviating the need for separate IM software.

Wednesday 2 May

Dell opts for Ubuntu Linux distro

Dell chooses Ubuntu as the Linux distribution that it will offer pre-installed on a range of its PCs.

DRM body tackles Blu-ray and HD DVD hack linkers

The organisation responsible for the AACS copy-protection system used by both Blu-ray and HD DVD sends ‘cease and desist’ notices to websites that link to a software key that enables the DRM to be cracked.

Businesses should embrace the ‘long tail’ model – Internet World 2007

According to the chief executive of, businesses need to start broadening their horizons and offering customers more choice, even if the products are considered lower value.

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