New lithium-ion batteries power laptop for 20 hours

Scientists have developed a new type of lithium-ion battery, capable of producing 10 times the electricity of current models.

New lithium-ion batteries power laptop for 20 hours

Current batteries use carbon anodes to store lithium, which, while robust, have a limited capacity. The alternative is to use silicon anodes that offer a much greater capacity but degrade more quickly.

Researchers at Stanford University claim to have worked around this problem by employing silicon nanowire, microscopic technology which can inflate to four times its own size without fracturing.

The result of this breakthrough, according to scientists, is a battery that can power a laptop for 20 hours where a normal battery would only last for two.

Alongside consumer electronics such as MP3 players and laptops, the team believes the batteries could be used to power electric cars or store solar power for use in offices.

Unlike other energy technologies currently in development, the team says these silicon nanowire batteries only require tweaking to be ready for commercial use, though they gave no hint as to how much they will cost.

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