Lock your doors with Windows

An American firm has come up with a novel solution to those “did I lock the door this morning?” dilemmas – a door lock that can be operated over the internet.

Lock your doors with Windows

Schlage’s LiNK system supplements those awkward key things (which we predict will never catch on) with a numeric keypad, allowing you stab in a four-digit PIN code to enter your house.

However, the innovative part comes from the remote software, that allows you to open and lock the door using a PC or mobile phone software interface.

The wireless link is protected by 128-bit encryption to prevent sniffers stealing your PIN number and ransacking the house. And there’s an optional IP-camera add-on that allows you to keep an eye on the range from afar.

The lock costs $299, with a $13 a month charge for the remote locking service.

Why so pricey? “That’s because it’s more than a lock. It’s freedom mounted to your door,” according to Schlage’s website. Nice.

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