MSI overclocks Wind

MSI has released a BIOS update which allows Wind owners to squeeze a 24% performance increase from their netbooks.

MSI overclocks Wind

Version 1.09 of the laptop firmware provides an overclocking function that speeds up the processor by 8%, 15% or 24%, using a simple function key shortcut. At the highest setting, the Wind’s Intel Atom N270 processor runs at 2GHz.

Graphics performance also receives a boost, as the maximum amount of shared graphics memory has been increased to 224MB. Netbooks with upgraded memory therefore benefit strongly, although installation can be tricky.

“I noticed that the maximum shared graphics memory got a nice boost too. For this reason alone, I recommend the BIOS upgrade to any Wind owner, especially if you’ve added extra RAM to the netbook,” says Kevin Tofel on the jkOnTheRun website.

“I had to pull the nine screws on the back casing and rip out the 1GB RAM module I put into the Wind a few weeks back. After the BIOS was upgraded successfully, it was a quick swap back for the RAM.”

Many netbooks on the market currently use the same Intel Atom processor as the Wind, but with easy overclocking on tap, MSI may appeal to those looking to eke a little more performance from their netbooks.

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