Scots tight? Not when it comes to PCs

A new survey has blown away the hoary old myth that Scots are constantly tugging the purse strings – at least when it comes to PCs.

An AMD-commissioned YouGov survey found that Scotland is the UK region willing to spend the most on a new laptop, with those north of the border willing to part with an average of £609 for a notebook.

The Scots are none too thrifty when it comes to desktop PCs either, sitting second only to London in the desktop big-spender league. Londoners are prepared to pay an average of £701 for a new desktop, with the Scots marginally behind on £694.

The good folk of Lancashire are bottom of the spending leagues for both laptops and desktops. The region’s residents are only prepared to part with an average of £421 for a laptop and £560 for a desktop PC.

Few will be astounded to hear that men across the country are prepared to spend more on PC equipment than women.

Men are prepared to lavish £593 on a laptop and £684 on a desktop, whereas women are limiting their budgets to £495 and £595 respectively.

How much each region is prepared to spend on a new laptop:

1. Scotland – £609

2. South West – £581

3. London – £576

4. South – £574

5. Tyne Tees – £549

6. Midlands – £549

7. East Anglia – £532

8. Wales – £514

9. Yorkshire – £480

10. Lancashire – £421

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