AMD breathes on its processor roadmap

AMD has updated its public roadmap for processors, and as we always say: those already overloaded with processor codenames should look away now…

AMD breathes on its processor roadmap

The focus of the small changes from the previously published roadmap are in the Sempron range. Here, the ‘Albany’ is pencilled in on the horizon to replace, in the second half of 2005, the 90nm implementation that is due, early next year, to replace the current 130nm Mobile Semprons. ‘Roma’ is listed as a separate development, again due in the second half of 2005, for low-voltage 90nm versions of the budget notebook processor.

As for the server side of things, it was back in April that began producing samples for 90nm versions of the Opteron – AMD rolls out 90nm Opterons from its Dresden fab – and in June 2004 AMD updated its roadmap to reflect the new 90nm flavours of the 1-, 2- and 8-way servers – AMD plots a 64-bit multi-core processor future. Thus ‘Athens’, ‘Troy’ and ‘Venus’ were born, and the 90nm dual-core future for these has been specified as ‘Egypt’, ‘Ital’ and Denmark’. These are still due to appear in the second half of 2005.

‘Toledo’ is the codename for the 64-bit dual-core desktop processor, which is still scheduled to similarly appear in late 2005.

You can read the processor roadmap on the AMD website. AMD last publicly revised it back in July 2004, when it introduced the Sempron range of value processors – AMD introduces Sempron range of value processors.

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