Abit ushers in Silent OTES

Silent OTES is Abit’s name for its new heatpipe technology.

Abit ushers in Silent OTES

For a quiet PC, the patent-pending fanless system transfers heat from the North Bridge chipset to the fins of the Collection Module, where it should be driven out of the case by air already flowing from the CPU fan.

OTES stands for Outside Thermal Exhaust System, and the Silent OTES technology follows in the wake of OTES, OTES AeroFlow and Dual OTES before it.

‘Silent OTES will be a great boon for performance users who need optimal cooling a quiet environment,’ notes Abit Product Marketing Manager Michael Chen. ‘Eight months in development, Silent OTES follows in Abit’s tradition of bringing innovative solutions to users world wide.’

According to Abit, the North Bridge comes in contact with a high-grade aluminium heatsink with an all-copper base, and pure red copper fins on the Collection Module are angled for optimum air flow.

The first motherboards to feature the Silent OTES technology will be announced in May.

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