Terabyte backups launched for consumers

Maxtor is launching a terabyte backup solution for consumers.

The OneTouch III Turbo Edition comes in 600GB and 1,000GB portions and supports connections to both Macs and PCs via USB 2.0 and various flavours of FireWire.

They also support RAID 1 and RAID 0 configurations. The former writes the same data to both drives – known as mirroring – giving the user a degree of redundancy so that if one fails, the other can take over. The latter setup writes the data stream from one to the other, which improves speed. This is probably the option for someone involved in video editing and other creative areas.

The hardware itself boasts shock proof elements, a cooling system and acoustic controls to lower noise.

The drives are protected through passwords within the DriveLock suite, and Sync software allows the user to synchronise files between two or more computers (of the same platform). Additionally there is software that allows the user to roll back the system to a point in time when it was known to be running problem-free.

Of course, initially, the drives will appeal to a relatively small section of data-hungry users, but the need for this kind of back up will undoubtedly grow as home networks and media servers catch on.

The drives are on sale from December, although UK pricing has yet to be confirmed.

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