Via locks down Java

Via is strengthening the security of Java through the use of its PadLock Security Engine, which is part of VIA C7-M and VIA C7 processors.

Via has announced its implementation of the Java Cryptography Service Provider – confusingly dubbed the ‘JCP’ – to strengthen the encryption of Java-based applications, whether they concern online banking, e-commerce or email.

‘Java plays a pivotal role in enabling rich, dynamic and secure Internet-based applications, so we believe it is essential to be proactive in developing technologies that enhance the security of our processor platforms,’ said Via’s VP of Corporate Marketing, Richard Brown. ‘Enabling the power of VIA PadLock through the VIA implementation of the Java Cryptography Service Provider is another major step towards driving pervasive computer security through making everyday applications safer and faster.’

Via claims the implementation will accelerate the computation of AES-based ciphers by up to 90 times, protecting the exchange of sensitive information in real-time, without over-loading the processor.

The company highlights the presence of quantum-based random number generators within the Via PadLock Security Engine. This, it states, makes it more difficult for hackers to exploit the statistical predictability found within most software-based random number generators.

VIA’s JCP software package is available for free download, for Windows and Linux systems, from the VIA Arena website. More information on the VIA PadLock Security Engine can be found at:

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