Virus jumps from desktop to PDA

The Mobile Malware Researchers Association (MARA) has said it has analysed what it believes to be the first virus able to infect mobile devices from a desktop.

The proof of concept code was sent anonymously to the non-profit mobile security group and was found to be able to infect Windows desktops and to be able to jump to Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices when it detected an ActiveSync connection.

The author claimed the ‘crossover’ virus was written in C# (C Sharp) using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and should run on any handheld device running windows ce/mobile and .NET CF 1.1.

MARA’s Jonathan Read, Product Manager, CISSP described the virus as ‘the next logical step’. ‘Multiplatform code mixed with profit hungry malware authors equals disaster.’

MARA says it is making its findings available to security companies and researchers that qualify for membership.

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