Origami Project to be unveiled at CeBit

The Origami Project site that has been the centre of a swirl of speculation since it cam to light at the beginning of last week is not releasing any more information beyond a new date. However, the site has revealed the nature of the new initiative from Microsoft.

The new cryptic animation says things like ‘Wonder where to find me? I am here, and here, way up here, and down here, even here.’ (Cue pictures of office block, beach and mountain top) ‘I am everywhere you are, but never in the way,’ and then gives a new date for more information of 9 March 2006, which turns out to be the first day of the giant CeBit tech exhibition in Germany. We can therefore assume that Microsoft will make some kind of announcement at the show.

The CeBit announcement has been confirmed by Microsoft’s authorised blogger Robert Scoble. Although Scoble says he has not seen the product himself, he comments ‘There’s no way this thing is going to be able to meet the expectations of the hype being placed on it’.

So why the teaser campaign from the world’s biggest software company?

Microsoft, however, has let slip one other detail either by accident or design. Commented out in the source code of the page are the words ‘Origami Project: the Mobile PC running Windows XP’ which confirms many of the rumours circulating about Origami.

Microsoft is remaining quiet about any further details of the project. However, most commentators now agree that the Origami machines will be mini-slate type wireless PDAs probably with a seven inch screen.

The Origami machines will be marketed by a range of different manufacturers who, presumably, will be demonstrating their products at CeBit.

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