AMD cuts processor pricing

AMD has rejigged its pricing schedule. At the top-end, there is a reshuffling for its Turion dual-core notebook chips and the Athlon 64 FX-62. At the entry level, it is introducing both new laptop and desktop Sempron chips.

AMD cuts processor pricing

Traditionally, a reshuffling of a price range heralds the arrival of a new top-of-the-line model, and it is the Socket S1, AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual Core Mobile chips that have just had the treatment.

The 2.0GHz TL-60 is priced at $263 (a 25 per cent fall from the September 6 pricing revision), the 1.8GHz TL-56 is $220 (down 16 per cent), the 1.6GHz TL-52 (1MB of L2 cache) is $184 (down 16 per cent) and the 1.6GHz TL-50 (512KB of L2 cache) is $154 (also down 16 per cent).

AMD’s high-end multimedia workhorse – aka its hard-core gaming workhorse – the Athlon 64 FX-62 also falls in price, to $713. This represents a 14 per cent price cut for the 64-bit, 2.8GHz 2MB of L2 cache machine.

At the budget end of AMD’s schedule, there are two new Sempron processors. Starting with laptops, the Mobile AMD Sempron 3600+ (64-bit, 2GHz, 256KB L2 cache) is $134. Other Socket S1 Mobile Semprons saw large cuts: the 3500+ is now $107 (down 24 per cent), the 3400+ is $86 (down 36 per cent) and the 3200+ is $86 (down 20 per cent).

On the desktop side of things, the AMD Sempron 3800+ (64-bit, 2.2GHz, 256KB L2 cache) comes in at $108. Other models in the family remain unchanged.

As always, prices are based on OEM-style 1,000 unit direct orders. A further potential caveat, in terms of availability, are the reports of AMD struggling to supply smaller OEMs in the wake of ground-breaking orders from Dell.

You can find the full AMD price list, effective 23 October, here.

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