CeBIT 2007: Linksys waves in future of media streaming

Linksys today unveiled its latest media streaming device – and then gave PC Pro a glimpse at the future of home remote controls.

CeBIT 2007: Linksys waves in future of media streaming

The Linksys KiSS 1600 is a combined DVD player and media streaming device, which is designed to deliver video, audio and photos stored on your PC to your television.

As well as streaming content from PCs or NAS devices over the network, the 1600 includes a USB port for plugging in external hard disks, MP3 players or digital cameras. The KiSS is also HDMI 1.2 compatible, and will upscale ordinary DVDs to 720p.

The 1600 includes several useful online services, including access to thousands of web radio stations, news reports and an on-screen television guide.

Surprisingly, the device uses the older 802.11g standard, rather than the higher speed 802.11n, which Linksys claims is a necessary measure to keep the costs down. The device will retail for around £200.

Linksys also gave PC Pro a hands-on trial of a prototype remote control it’s working on for media streaming purposes. Like the Nintendo Wii controller, the gadget is motion sensitive, allowing you to scroll through stored music albums or photographs by simply waving your hand in the appropriate direction. The device is ring-shaped, with the thumb comfortably resting on buttons and a scroll wheel. Linksys claims the gyroscopes in its device are more sensitive than the Wii’s and it was certainly accurate and responsive in our brief test.

Sadly, the company wouldn’t let us photograph the early prototype, but we’ll certainly be eager to test the full production model, which could be launched by the end of the year in the US.

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